Self driving car

This summer I decided to create self-driving software during my holiday. The simplest way was to use some car simulator to get data and test my software. I searched for online car simulator games and used the first one that I'd found ( ).
Then I recorded some training, validation, and test data taking screenshots and labeling them with pressed keys on the keyboard.
The next step was the hardest, to design a neural network that would be able to predict how to behave in any situation on road. I had to take into account not only the quality of the predictions but also the simplicity of the network, so that computers could at once run game, and make predictions a few times a second. My first model was only able to return keys to press once per 3 seconds, which is definitely not enough. Finally, I got a model that was able to give quite satisfactory results in less than a second
Then holidays ended and I had to focus on other projects, but I hope that someday I would be able to go back and finish it. In the meantime, you can watch the video created, when I was three weeks in this project.


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